Evergreen Culture is committed to representing a new side of cannabis lifestyle – a side that has, until now, been forced to remain in shadow and fee of being stigmatized or stereotyped.  While the movies represent cannabis culture with stupid stoners and social leeches, the reality is that over 18 million people use cannabis in the US, and in that huge number lurks normal, professional, intelligent, successful people who have allowed modern science and reason to trump government propaganda. They, too, enjoy cannabis for various reasons, but are nothing like you think. With the prohibition of marijuana ended in WA with the passage of Initiative 502 in November 2012, a large portion of cannabis culture is able to emerge from the darkness and establish itself as a legitimate segment of society and a valid and beneficial industry to the state. Evergreen Culture is here to provide a place for professional, successful, mainstream marijuana consumers to be connected as a community of legal cannabis who can emerge out of the shadows and put a new face on the issue.

We are here to challenge the stigmas and show America that, like alcohol, cannabis can be a part of our cultural mesh without fear or trepidation. Cannabis is consumed by members of every segment, social class, economic bracket, education level, and occupation in our society – trust me you know someone who does, even if you don’t know it. Evergreen Culture is here to represent the legal, mainstream and cultured side of the cannabis scene in Washington state….next stop:  America.

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