Posted June 6, 2013 by evergreen-culture in Policy

Colorado Approves Legal Marijuana Production and Sales Regulations

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Colorado continues to boldly move forward.


You could learn from this. We understand that care needs to be taken in this process, but if you mess this up due to an overly cautious approach, that’s on you. It has nothing to do with scientific/medical evidence or public opinion – all of the facts around those only call for a far more progressive approach than you are taking. Remember, all non-medical cannabis consumers in your state have been doing so by obtaining marijuana via the flourishing and ubiquitous underground market. If the regulations you put forth are so restrictive that people don’t take advantage of the legal market, all will be for naught. And we, for one, want this to succeed. You already are behind the 8-ball with no personal cultivation allowance in the law (six plants is completely reasonable and will not, in our opinion, negatively impact legal marijuana sales). Colorado got that right. So, let’s go. Stop crawling and get up and run!

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If public opinion is considered, taking an overly cautious approach is not prudent – even less so when you add the scientific and medical realities that continue to vindicate marijuana as beneficial and safer than alcohol

Let’s move forward with sensible, realistic, and fact-based legislation. Not a policy that lacks the progressive quality that defines WA voters and fueled the passing of this landmark law. The rest of the country is literally watching and getting in line with many states introducing cannabis reform legislation of their own in the wake of your bold move. You are a leader, so show them the way. The nation’s opinion on marijuana legalization has shifted so drastically that you don’t have to fear you are too near the bleeding edge or the fringe of society. You are actually representing the majority of Americans.

So relax, stop feeling like you need to continue giving credence to the ignorance, misinformation and propaganda of the past. There are mountains of data available which puts you squarely on the side of truth, reason and rational discourse. Learn from Colorado’s progress and move forward so they can learn from you as well.