Friends & Resources

I-502 – WA state site with info and activities around legalized Marijuana

NORML – the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

High Times – THE marijuana magazine

Toke Signals - A fantastic cannabis news source where you get straight and unfiltered

Hemp News – Stay informed about hemp and marijuana news around the world

Master Bong - he can show you how to make a bong or pipe out of just about anything; good info and high entertainment value – strain library, lots of great information and more

Leafly – the premier site for strain information and reviews

Marijuana Policy Project – an amazing organization working tirelessly to introduce and support marijuana legalization efforts throughout the United States

Truth About Cannabis – somewhat dated and not updated since 2012, however there is some good information on here

Drug Science – an organization dedicated to marijuana education, policy and scientific understanding

Prohibition Costs – a very detailed and informative report that exposes the cost of maintaining a senseless prohibition on cannabis

Kush Smoke - all kinds of good shit, check it out




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