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Purchased from: Slider Shop
Model: Magnum Blunt Critter Slider, fumed glass with the D-Lux mouthpiece; we also asked for a purple octopus
Price: $30.95

Glass bats, blunts and chillum-style pipes have been around for awhile. In the case of the chillum, like thousands of years. But a relatively new style of these accessories is the slider pipe. It consists of a glass tube (various sizes are available) and a plunger-like mouthpiece (options there too). It allows you to pack the glass tube with ganja, and then as you smoke through the mouthpiece, you slide it forward to expel the ash and keep the tip fresh. Not only is the cool factor high, you actually do preserve a lot more smoke than burning a joint, since the smoke is contained in the tube rather than dissipating into the ether.

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The piece took approximately 2 weeks to be made and reach us, and it was well worth the wait. The glass is beautifully worked and the the fuming adds such a great effect. We requested a purple octopus and it turned out so dope.

As far as usability and effectiveness go, this thing is absolutely incredible. You can pass it around with some friends, and the hits are big and smooth. And with the magnum-sized blunt, one filling can last a long time.

We cannot recommend this higher. The video above is funky as hell so you must watch it.






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