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Manufacturer: 7th Floor (Colorado)
Website: www.dabuddhavaporizer.com
Purchased via: eBay
Price: $150

This thing looks awesome. We bought the silver model. There is also a black, powder-coated model, however there is a price bump for that one. Both have a nice, fat, happy buddha screened on them in a matte, textured white. The heating element is a small ceramic element which is covered by a glass piece called the “heater cover”. The unit, glass kit (heater cover, wand, mouthpiece and 3′ tube), poker tool with a glass marble head, and instruction manual all come packed in a seriously amazing bag. It is made of hemp, comes in various colors, and provides a great, super-padded storage/travel case for your vaporizer. And, if that wasn’t enough, you can purchase hand-blown glass kits that will really set your unit apart and make it a topic of conversation.

Use of this amazing vaporizer is dead simple. No digital displays or flashing lights on this little zen-maker. Just a simple dial with a line engraved that goes from off (all the way left with a distinctive click) to full (all the way right). You have two experiment a little to find the perfect setting for your tastes. Mine wound up being right about 2:00 if you look at the dial as clock face. It is considered one of the faster units to heat up and really only takes about 3 minutes or so to heat up to the set temperature. Some recommend turning the unit all the way to high for 2 minutes and then lowering the setting to your preferred level and give it about 30 seconds. Either way seems to work fine in my experience. The heating up period is the perfect time to get the rest of the unit and your ganja ready. First you put a screen (they provide a pack of 10 or so) into the bowl (the end of the wand that fits into the heater cover) – we have found the head of the poker tool is perfect for this. Just place the screen at the opening and gently push it in evenly with the glass end of the poker. Voila! the other end of the wand is where you insert one end the tubing, with the other end being inserted into the glass mouthpiece. As far as prepping your herb, you just want to grind it up good and fine – this increases the surface area for the hot air moving through the wand to hit and thus increases the compounds that are vaporized and inhaled. Dosing is really critical to get the most of out the vapor with most vaporizers. For the Da Buddha, you use a tiny amount for each bowl – just a little more than it takes to cover the bottom of the bowl entirely, about one layer with a tiny bit more. You don’t want too much because the air won’t travel through well, and too little will just give you wimpy hits. Once you have everything ready, it couldn’t be simpler to enjoy. Just insert the end of the wand with the bowl into the heater cover opening, put the mouthpiece in your mouth and begin to inhale at a medium rate. Too fast and it won’t heat the herb enough to vaporize all the compounds. Too slow and your ganja could start to combust. Just keep it at a good medium rate. You will hear a kind of low, rushing sound from the heater cover when you hit the sweet spot.

Overall Impressions
We could not be happier with how this vaporizer works. We also purchased their Straight 6 Percolator water filter from their website (check it out here) a it made an already amazing experience off the charts. It is essentially an ashcatcher with all the adapters to connect it to the vape, and it really did cool and moisturize the air. Unlike smoke that causes you to cough because of particles in the air you are inhaling, this air is nothing but hot atmosphere with vaporized cannabinoids. But it can be dry and so you may cough from the dryness.  Have your favorite beverage handy and you will have a great time. It is amazing how much less cannabis you will use with this. When burning, a very large percentage of the active compounds are destroyed – however, vaporizing at the right temperature, just before combustion happens (FYI, it is understood to be between 360-390) allows all the compounds to be consumed. So you will notice a distinct reduction in the amount of cannabis you use in a vaporizer like the Da Buddha versus smoking a joint.

Recommendation: You can find great vaporizers out there that cost some serious money and are amazing machines no doubt. But for the money, the Da Buddha is a pure gem. It combines great looks, perfectly simple design, ease of operation, and a superior experience all around. If you don’t have a vaporizer yet, this one is worth a look and a purchase. We can’t recommend it enough.




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