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If you are like us, you probably have a hard time rolling perfect joints. Nothing makes you feel more inadequate that fumbling around with something that looks so simple when the pros do it. We picked up one of these little marvels and problems solved. It is really simple to operate and comes with step by step instructions. Basically you place your ground up herb in the pocket of the machine Рpacking it loosely and keeping it below the top of the rollers. Once packed, you can place a tip on one end (make sure you leave a space, or you can place it in before so it is really easy). You then close the rollers and roll the roller facing you down with your thumbs one or two times to form the herb into the desired shape. You then insert a rolling paper (we have the king-sized version so used king-sized papers) with the sticky edge up and facing you, close the rollers around the bottom of the paper, and then do the same thing, roll down Рonly this time you pause right as the adhesive is about to go into the machine, lick it, and then continue rolling about three or four times.  Once done, simply open up the rollers and you have yourself a perfect spliff.

They are inexpensive and virtually the same as other brands such as Zen so take your pick. Definitely worth the $9 or so you will pay.




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