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Myth: Marijuana Is Dangerous


ince “Reefer Madness” was released in 1936, the public has been gripped with fear over something that has been shown time and time again to be far less dangerous than many of the things that the same government sells to you as “safe” and “good for you”. Don’t’ believe us? Well, maybe you will believe an actual judge that advised the DEA and tried many major drug-related cases, a key player in the “war on drugs”.

“Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man…. In strict medical terms, [it] is far safer than many foods we commonly consume.” – Opinion and recommended ruling, findings of fact, conclusions of law and decision of administrative law judge F.L. Young” (1988) testimony given by Francis L. Young, a top DEA judge.

And this was in 1988. Not 2012. And what was the opinion and official stance of our President during this time?

I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast. - Ronald Reagan, U.S. President

Actual quote. Actually said as an official stance of the US Government. This is the level of understanding that has guided US policy around marijuana (and through our influence, the world). Did he have “absolute proof”? No. If he did, he would have produced it. What he had was emotional pandering to a deliberately mislead public that allowed him to support Nancy’s pet project (Just Say No!) and appeal to his conservative base.

And Judge Francis Young wasn’t saying anything that wasn’t already known at the time of his statement. Going all the way back to 1970 we see government-sponsored studies coming to the same conclusions. The government just didn’t want you to know those little tidbits because it would mean they couldn’t head in directions they wanted to and control you in accordance with their goals. We are not talking conspiracy theories here – just historical facts that are out there in plain language for all to see and understand. The fact is, you pump your body full of chemical substances that the government (via the FDA) has told you were totally safe, effective and even healthy. But over and over we are discovering that their word is dubious at best. They flip it on you with marijuana – telling you how dangerous it is, when in reality it is far, far safer than even those over-the-counter pain medications we all swallow when we hurt. Take a hit of weed and the pain will be gone, the only side effects are happiness and evening out, and you won’t have a bunch of synthetic compounds floating around your bloodstream. Not to mention that, depending on the medication, you could wind up hooked and in some serious addiction issues when taking their legal and approved medications.

These are facts. They aren't propaganda or biased opinions. They are statistics gathered by various sources including the government which sells you the idea that marijuana is "the most dangerous drug known to man".

These are facts. They aren’t propaganda or biased opinions. They are statistics gathered by various sources including the government which sells you the idea that marijuana is “the most dangerous drug known to man”.

The idea that marijuana is dangerous is not backed by a single study or scientific finding. Medical professionals have corroborated the fact that not a single death has ever been recorded that has been directly tied to marijuana. Alcohol? Thousands and thousands per year. Tobacco? Please – we all know the risks and impact there. But ganja. Nada. People simply don’t die from marijuana because it simply isn’t dangerous.

“What about overdosing?” is the common response to a statement like that. Well, to be honest, it is essentially impossible to do so. The amount of marijuana it would take to consume in order to overdose would never be able to be consumed. This is due to the fact that if you consume a very large quantity of cannabis (which would be way, way under anything that would be lethal), you will likely just go to sleep, thus ending the consumption. Studies that are cited where monkeys or rats have died due to cannabis exposure have been proven time and time again to be flawed and irresponsible. Yes, if you strap a mask to your face (as they did to the monkeys) and pump smoke (any kind of smoke) into your lungs continually, eventually you will suffocate – as the monkeys did. Bastards. That’s not science. That is doing cruel shit to try to prove your wrong opinions are true. In some cases, the studies even backfired. There are numerous experiments where rats given moderate cannabis doses actually showed a resistance to cancer and, if they did have cancer to begin with (given to them by researchers…bastards), it shrunk or went away altogether. These things happened. We aren’t blowing smoke up your ass (heh, get it?).

The medically and scientifically determined fact is that marijuana is far, far, far less dangerous that any of the things that are “legal” and available at your local grocery or drug store.

Don’t believe the bullshit. Take a look at the facts and form your opinion and stance on the issue from that place – not the one that was fed to you by people whose motivations you probably already suspect are evil.

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