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Rand Paul on Marijuana


Not that we are shocked, but Rand Paul seems to have formed his opinion on cannabis based on stereotypes and stoner movies. Here are a few recent quotes from him regarding marijuana:



July 12: “People that use it chronically have a loss of IQ and a loss of ambition, but at the same time states have the right to make these decisions.”

June 4: “I think people who use marijuana all the time lose IQ points. I think they lose their drive to show up for work.”

April 10: “I think that if you use it too much you will lose IQ points. I think if you use it too much you won’t show up for class, I think you’ll eat too many Doritos.”

For the truth around this subject – marijuana and its effects on the human brain – check out our article “Cannabis and the Brain” and our confrontation of the myth that marijuana makes you stupid. Here is the summary: Rand Paul is in complete contradiction to science and instead is falling back on pop-culture ideas and government-distributed propaganda over the last several decades. Cannabis doesn’t kill brain cells, or lower IQ points, or strip people of motivation.

This idea of cannabis having some life-sucking qualities is a commonly held belief and one that continues to cast this useful plant in a very sinister light, as some harbinger of a lazy, do-nothing society. It is interesting to us that people don’t say, “Oh, she drinks, she must be a drunken floozy” or “He likes beer, what an angry, abusive drunk!” Even though there are people who consume alcohol (a much more dangerous substance that cannabis) that fall into these categories (and a multitude of other stereotypes), it is more a suggestion of the character of the people and how those characteristics are impacted by alcohol. The same is true for cannabis in our opinion. It isn’t that cannabis makes you lazy, but if you are prone to be lazy and unmotivated, it will become a convenient distraction from doing more productive things. Very much like the issue of cannabis addiction, it is based in the personality and tendencies of the person. For example, for some, video games are their chosen escape from pursuing a more productive life. Video games are not causing the lack of motivation. The lack of motivation is already there due to all kinds of genetic, societal, family life and personality factors – cannabis just becomes the convenient scape goat which allows the government to garner ill-informed support from the populace so long as they buy the story – as Rand Paul clearly has.

But at least he holds to the fact that states that legalize should be left to do so and not harassed by the federal government.

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