Posted April 24, 2013 by evergreen-culture in Policy

The Dam Is Breaking – 8 More States Introduce Legalization Legislature

With both Washington and Colorado states stepping out to lead the nation in repealing marijuana prohibition, it seems the dam is beginning to break and other states are now following in their footsteps. Currently, the following states have seen legalization measures proposed in their state legislatures:

  • Alabama (House Bill 550)
  • Maine (LD 1229)
  • Massachusetts (House Bill 1632)
  • Nevada (Assembly Bill 402)
  • Oregon (House Bill 3371)
  • Pennsylvania (Senate Bill 528)
  • Rhode Island (House Bill 5274)
  • Vermont (House Bill 499)

All of these measures aim to legalize adult consumption of cannabis and regulate its production and distribution similar to alcohol laws. Some, like Oregon, have had measures narrowly fail to be voted into law in the past (2012), while others are simply ready to allow truth and reality to guide policy rather than decades of misinformation and propaganda which has fueled a miserable failure of a war on this plant. With savings in the hundreds of millions and potential revenues in the billions in some states, these must-take steps if our country is going to move on from this continued assault on American citizens, not to mention the drain on federal resources that could be used for programs and initiatives that would actually help rather than hurt the people of this country.

If you live in one of these states, we encourage you to head over to your state’s website and voice your support for these measures, urging your representative(s) to vote in favor of this much-needed reform.